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Syed Ian Maswood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

The Syed Ian Maswood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering is a privately funded scholarship by the family of a former UNT MTSE student, Syed Ian Maswood.  The Scholarship will be awarded to one outstanding MSE graduate student each year with a onetime prize of $1000. This competitive award will qualify the awardee for in-state tuition for the awarding period. The awardee should have strong academic achievements and active involvement in ex-curriculum/societal/leadership activities. To be qualified for application, the student must be a full time enrolled MSE graduate student. A current CV, one page statement summarizing qualifications, and all information required by the form will be needed for full consideration of the scholarship.

The deadline for this year's application is Sept. 15th, 2017. Log in with your EUID and password to apply.